Built Work

Work Towards Fairness, Portugal



3 responses to “Built Work

  1. You know im diggin yo stuff.

  2. Eric Moed,
    I just read the articleabout Aristides Sousa Mendes, in VISÃO, a portuguese magazine.
    The 30000 visas signed by Aristides Sousa Mendes are a howl against injustice, shows the perception he had about what was going on and the human dimension of his independent act: saving lifes and allowing a future for many families under the terror of the jewish’s perssecution, and others, in WW II.
    Unfortunately the ASM’s life and his family changed for a nigthmare after that act: the government at the time dismissed Aristides Sousa Mendes and acted against him in such a way that he died in poverty.
    The ethic values of ASM deserves memory as an example of humanity.
    Rebuild his family house (something with perenity) as a museum and show UNHATE values and fairness is the best recognition for his memory, for his family and for futures generations.
    I hope you will be able.
    If you will need some support in Portugal, I am in Lisbon and I am a structural engineer.
    Paulo Reis

  3. Obrigado por ajudar a eternizar a ação altruísta do nosso querido Aristides de Sousa Mendes.
    Abraço amigo,
    Paulo Cunha
    Guimarães, Portugal

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